Ok google 101 in c# – part 6

Testing the intents

Note: be sure to enable the HomeGraph API for this project in the GCP:

In the action console there is a Test tab, but for the Smart Home device this page is not usable:

We need an Android phone, logged in with the same account as in the Action console, and the Google Home app.

Click on the upper left +, and select Already configured something. Then search for the new draft Action:

The linked thermostats pops up:

Click on the thermostats to see its state and change temperature:

Deploy the release

Go to the Action console and clic on the deploy tab. You are invited to test the action using the test suite. Open it and fill the fields:

  • Agent User Id: the account you want to test
  • Service Account Key: the private Json key generated in the GCP

The test page will play sounds using the computer loudspeaker. An english voice will speak commands to your Google device, that must be near.

Once the test is passed a test_result.txt is generated. This file will be uploaded in the Deploy section of the Actions console.

The approval process is quite slow, and requires proper privacy policy!

Mind the privacy policy. Must meet Google guidelines and must be in the correct language for the country deployed!

If all is ok the action will be approved and published in the Assistant Directory:

Seitron Smart

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